Paul McCartney Reissue Includes John Bonham/Wings Collaboration

Paul McCartney fronts his band 'Wings'
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Founding member of the rock and roll band 'The Beatles', Paul McCartney, fronts his next band 'Wings' in May 1976 in Los Angeles, California.

A version of 'Beware My Love' features the Led Zeppelin drummer.

Two more Wings albums have been added to the ongoing reissue series of classic Paul McCartney albums, and one of them includes a major unreleased treat -- a Wings recording featuring Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

The Wings at the Speed of Sound reissue track list reveals there's a "John Bonham Version" of "Beware My Love." The Bonham-less version included on Speed of Sound is a moody, hard-charging album highlight and an underappreciated gem in McCartney's catalog, so to hear the late drum legend working on this particular song is pretty damn enticing. 

Keep in mind this isn't the only John Bonham/Paul McCartney crossover. The Zeppelin drummer played on two tracks from Wings' final album, 1979's Back to the Egg. Come Sept. 23, we'll finally be able to hear what this unreleased third Bonham collaboration sounds like.

Wings' 1975 record Venus and Mars is getting the reissue treatment in the Paul McCartney Archives Collection as well. Both albums will be available in two-disc standard editions and three-disc (two CD, one DVD) deluxe editions. The reissues feature demo versions, previously unreleased tracks, and were overseen by the man himself. Previous entries in the series are Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, RAM and Wings over America.

These two new reissues drop Sept. 23. Check out the track lists and reissue trailers below.

Venus and Mars

?CD 1: Remastered Album?

1. Venus and Mars ?
2. Rock Show ?
3. Love In Song
?4. You Gave Me The Answer
?5. Magneto and Titanium Man
?6. Letting Go ?
7. Venus and Mars – Reprise
?8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
?9. Medicine Jar
?10. Call Me Back Again ?
11. Listen To What The Man Said
?12. Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People
?13. Crossroads

CD 2: Bonus Audio

?1. Junior’s Farm
2. Sally G ?
3. Walking In The Park With Eloise
4. Bridge On The River Suite ?
5. My Carnival
6. Going To New Orleans (My Carnival)
?7. Hey Diddle [Ernie Winfrey Mix]
?8. Let’s Love
?9. Soily [from One Hand Clapping]
?10. Baby Face [from One Hand Clapping]
?11. Lunch Box/Odd Sox
?12. 4th Of July ?
13. Rock Show [Old Version]
?14. Letting Go [Single Edit]

DVD: Bonus Film

?1. Recording My Carnival ?
2. Bon Voyageur ?
3. Wings At Elstree
?4. Venus and Mars TV Ad

Wings At the Speed of Sound

?CD 1: Remastered Album?

1. Let 'Em In
?2. The Note You Never Wrote
?3. She’s My Baby ?
4. Beware My Love ?
5. Wino Junko
?6. Silly Love Songs ?
7. Cook Of The House
?8. Time To Hide
?9. Must Do Something About It ?
10. San Ferry Anne ?
11. Warm And Beautiful

CD 2: Bonus Audio

?1. Silly Love Songs [Demo] ?
2. She’s My Baby [Demo]
?3. Message To Joe
?4. Beware My Love [John Bonham Version]
5. Must Do Something About It [Paul’s Version]
?6. Let ‘Em In [Demo] ?
7. Warm And Beautiful [Instrumental Demo]

DVD: Bonus Film

?1. Silly Love Songs Music Video ?
2. Wings Over Wembley
?3. Wings In Venice