Crazy in Sweat: Cardio Dance Class Inspired by Beyonce Keeps New Yorkers Wait-Listed

Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run Tour has Yoncé fans coveting the pop singer's dance moves from afar, but Broadway Bodies, a dance-cardio workout studio based in New York and Los Angeles, is bringing a bit of the performer's sexy choreography to the masses.

Broadway Bodies' Beyoncé Workout Class has become so popular that up to 75 people are often wait-listed per 35-person class, says Stephen Brotebeck, the artistic director and co-founder of Broadway Bodies.

"We started our Top of the Pop Charts classes three years ago, featuring Britney Spears, Katy Perry, whoever was popular at that moment," says Brotebeck. "We featured Beyoncé because of the new album ["Beyoncé"] in 2013, and it really took off."

In early March, Broadway Bodies, which also offers Michael Jackson Mondays, Broadway Cardio and a GLEEful Class (based on the Fox TV show), dedicated their Top of the Pop Charts class on Mondays to Beyoncé's music, teaching moves to such songs as "XO," "Partition" and, of course, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." "It really took off in the fashion industry," says Brotebeck. "It spread like wildfire, and that let us add more nights."

The studio's popularity may be in its universal appeal. "All of our classes are designed for a beginner to come," says Brotebeck, who choreographs the routines for the Broadway Cardio classes. (Professional choreographer Mitchell Wayne, who has worked with The Pussycat Dolls, leads the Beyoncé class.) "But anyone who has dance training can come and get something out of it."

Broadway Bodies now offers their Beyoncé dance class three times per week, but you have to act fast: They open up their reservations list approximately two weeks prior to the first of the month (check for exact dates), "and those usually fill up within a day or two," according to Brotebeck. "We create wait lists for all of the classes."

There's a solution for those who get stuck on standby: the option of a one-on-one session. "People can schedule classes with our instructors privately if they can't get into a regular class, and people sort of make events of that," he says.

While the Beyoncé dance class is only offered in New York, it might not be long before anyone can master the Queen's signature shoulder shuffle. "We are currently looking into licensing our method of teaching and our name across the country," says Brotebeck.