What Brooklyn Girls Really Think of 'Brooklyn Girls'

Catey Shaw, 2014
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We asked real-life Brooklyn ladies what they thought of the 'Brooklyn Girls' video

Internet infamy officially achieved, Catey Shaw.

Yesterday, Catey Shaw's video for her song "Brooklyn Girls," went viral, a mere two days after she posted it on YouTube. The video was widely mocked all over the Internet, with viewers claiming her white girl-style problems about a hipster haven were more than a tad ridiculous as a representation of Brooklyn.

The web has already weighed in...but what do real Brooklyn ladies think about the song? Check out the video below, and then read what some real women of Brooklyn thought when we conducted a little man-on-the-street reporting. (We left our summertime combat boots at home.)

"Everything about this video makes me sick. to think that basic b---hes across the country think Brooklyn is some sort of paradise and are swooning over the L train. Real city girls know what’s up, that means you were born and raised here.  you get the late night struggle of coming home from those rooftop parties since you were 14. It's the same thing when your friend has a  2 hour commute to and from staten island to high school Monday-Friday. " -- Zoe, 21, grew up in Brooklyn

"Real New Yorkers, from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, wherever, have witnessed the hard work it really takes to make it in this city from our parents and grandparents." -- Rebecca, who has lived in Brooklyn her whole life

"Brooklyn is all about change over time, how can she appreciate that if she's only been here for a few years? It speaks to our generation's culture, but not the whole culture of NYC" -- Sara, grew up in Manhattan but went to high school in Brooklyn

And for a change of pace..."This song is really cool and the video is awesome. I haven't been here long but it seems very real. We went to Bedford and it looked a lot like this. Is she famous?" -- Cathy from Ireland, living in Brooklyn for the summer

-Reporting by Noah Schoer