Clear Channel May Be 'On the Verge' of Something (Report)

Iggy Azalea
Miller Mobley

Iggy Azalea photographed by Miller Mobley on May 31, 2014 at Root Studios in Brooklyn.

Clear Channel's "On the Verge" program for boosting new songs is simple yet effective: Once a track is selected by program directors across the country, each of the company's hundreds of stations must play it at least 150 times.

The new strategy, introduced on iHeartRadio stations this year, creates a golden opportunity for a lucky few, including Iggy Azalea, whose track "Fancy" was previously "On the Verge" and just wrapped seven weeks atop the Hot 100. Country singer Craig Campbell's "Keep Them Kisses Comin'" was falling off the charts until a couple weeks of being "On the Verge" boomerang'd it into the Top 10. Clear Channel president of national programming platforms Tom Poleman explains the importance of artist discovery and acknowledges the massive reach of the company's multi-platform structure (radio stations plus Internet plus mobile app).

"With that power comes a responsibility, and we take it seriously," he says.

As the Post explains, a winner is chosen after brand managers pick five or six songs and send them to program directors, who then vote for the one they believe has the best chance of hitting big.

"It's purely a gut feeling what they think our listeners will react to," he says, later adding that "Everyone wants to lobby for it, but it’s purely [decided by] programmers."