Arty, 'Up All Night': Exclusive Premiere

When it sees release this fall, Arty’s debut album will represent a litany of firsts.

As well as being the 24-year-old Russian artist’s first major foray into songwriting, it will also mark the first album released by Live Nation’s Insomniac’s fledgling record label in partnership with Interscope Records.

“This is the most exciting time in my life as a musician,” says Arty. “The whole process of making this album has been an amazing learning experience.”

The album will be preceded by lead single “Up All Night,” featuring vocals by Angel Taylor. Listen to the full premiere of the new single exclusively on CODE:

After building a relationship over three years of festival bookings, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella approached Arty about signing his album to Insomniac Records. Rotella gave it a listen at Arty’s studio in the Hollywood Hills and liked what he heard.

EDM Power Players: The Executives

“I admire Pasquale a lot for what he’s doing, he built a ridiculous and recognizable franchise,” Arty says. “I also really love him personally. He’s really passionate. I know if he wants to do something right, he will do it and chase the idea by himself.”

EDM Power Players: The DJs

Arty says he resisted fan pressure to release an album for years, believing such a release should be “something special and intimate,” rather than a patchwork collection of tracks. He worked closely with songwriters on the majority of the new material, embracing a new creative challenge that fit with the project’s intended spirit.

“With this album, I was ready to make a new step as a musician and I really wanted to put myself into a position where I could make songs,” he says. “You can do a track in a day, but it’s a different story with songs. You spend a lot of time on writing the lyrics properly, making sure the melody and top line don’t clash and giving it meaning.”

Arty made his name as a solo producer and, aside from a single collaboration with Mat Zo, the album’s track list reflects this. Laughing as he recounts marathon sleep-deprived songwriting sessions, Arty says it was refreshing to work with other singers and songwriters in the studio.

“I’m from Russia and sometimes the writers can be from the UK and all over,” he says. “It creates these special moments where you can share different cultural experiences, from the food to the jokes. You’re not just going into the studio to write the song, you’re doing something special where different people can learn about each other.”

Arty describes the album as a stylistic amalgam of soul, instrumental progressive house and groovy French house. Pairing personal lyrics with empathetic melodies, the producer sought to make a statement that listeners from a diversity of backgrounds could appreciate.

“Dance music went to this heavy kick and bass kind of stuff, which I think lacks a bit of melody and emotion,” he says. “The market is overloaded with those kind of tracks, so it could be great to bring something totally fresh. I had a strict idea what I wanted to do. Songs that are personal with a lot of melody and soul.”

While his album explores new sonic territory, Arty hopes the release will continue to reflect his signature production style.

“I’m trying to keep my sound as my own while developing it,” he says. “You can still listen to it and say ‘This is an Arty track.’ I feel that, and others who know my stuff feel that. Now let’s see what the fan base thinks, as that’s the most exciting and scary thing.”

Arty will support the release with a pre-album tour, as well as more extensive gigging after its release. But the young Russian clearly can’t wait to get back in the studio, where he appears to be hooked on his new song-centric approach.

“I’m already thinking about my second album,” he admits. “Probably by the time the album is released in the fall, I’ll have started some new songwriting sessions to see which direction I want to move next.”


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