Disclosure's Billboard Cover: 5 Things We Learned About the UK Dance Duo

Disclosure's Guy and Howard Lawrence on the cover of Billboard, out now.

It’s been a slow-cooker, but electro-soul dance duo Disclosure’s “Latch” is officially a hit record at No. 12 on the Hot 100 chart. Brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence are on the cover of this week's Billboard as one of EDM’s Power Players.

Disclosure: The Billboard Cover Shoot

There are several reasons as to why their Sam Smith-assisted love song is bouncing up the charts. But Guy has a simple opinion of its apparent  success: “’Latch’ is just a strange song that people like.”


Go behind the scenes of Disclosure’s Billboard cover shoot in the exclusive video interview below, plus check out five things we learned about the quickly rising star duo.

GUY THOUGHT “LATCH” DIDN’T FIT INTO ANY BOXES. “We thought ‘Latch’ was too weird for the radio and not clubby enough for the clubs,” says Guy “It’s in 6/8 time — not even 4/4, which is house’s tempo.”

THEY’RE TRYING TO CLASS UP THE JOINT.  Howard says Disclosure aims to bring depth to deance music.“We’re trying to bring class and soul into the songwriting ... using jazz chords that have emotion instead of boring, stabby EDM triads,” he says. “You can play ‘Latch’ in a massive nightclub or cover it in a jazz ensemble.”

THEY’RE NOT THAT FAMOUS (YET).  Though they’re flourishing stars, the pair don’t have to worry about being mobbed by fans or paps  just yet. “No one recognizes us unless we’re together,” says Guy.

THEY DIDN’T DREAM OF BEING HEADLINING ACTS AS KIDS. Because their parents were talented musicians that never hit it big, the Lawrence Bros thought their fate would be the same. “We thought we’d wind up session musicians,” says Howard.

THEY THOUGHT SAM SMITH WAS A WOMAN.  Before meeting Smith, whose gorgeous falsetto gets up into range most male vocalists can’t reach; the Lawrences thought that Sam was a lady. “We were amazed he wasn’t a girl,” says Guy of hearing Smith for the first time.