Casey Kasem's Death: Police Expect Elder Abuse Report 'In the Near Future'

Radio DJ Casey Kasem
American Top 40/AT40/Premiere Networks

Radio DJ Casey Kasem plays poker in the 1970s for American Top 40.

Daughter Kerri Kasem says the campaign to get the DJ's widow Jean Kasem charged has been put on hold due to her father's death, adding "now is not the time."

As Casey Kasem's family makes funeral arrangements in the wake of the DJ's death, there has been a pause in the campaign to get his widow Jean Kasem charged with alleged elder abuse. "There is a time and place for that but now is not the time," says Kerri Kasem, who has led the family in confronting Jean, whom they have accused of hastening Casey's death by taking him out of a Santa Monica hospital on what Jean called "a vacation" to Washington State.

"What I can tell you about the incident is that no official police report has been made at this time," says Lt. Jay Moroso, the ex-public information officer of the Santa Monica Police, who left the position last week and is serving part time until another PIO is hired. "However, a detective has been in contact and is working with Kerri Kasem ever since Mr. Casey Kasem was removed from the Berkley East Convalescent Hospital on May 7, 2014. Recently, the investigator was contacted by Mr. [Logan] Clarke, who is working for Kerri, and he received additional information from him regarding the case."

Private investigator Logan Clarke says he supplied a barrage of documents to the police last week. "Kerri Kasem has informed the investigator that she will file an elder abuse report with the Santa Monica Police Department in the near future," says Moroso. "At present, Kerri is alleging that Mr. Kasem’s wife, Jean, is a suspect in the elder abuse. Our investigation will continue to determine if the facts substantiate the allegation made by Kerry Kasem. We have requested additional information, including medical documents, to assist us with the investigation."

"The police say "It's a murky area of law'," says Clarke. "They're so concerned about the D.A. kicking back the case, and that will look bad on their careers." Clarke says he has a great deal of additional evidence, including photographic materials, to share with authorities.

"The law is not murky with regard to elder abuse," says Moroso. "Section 368, subsections B,C,D, and E, of the California Penal Code clearly lay out what constitutes an elder abuse violation. Our experienced investigators have investigated and assisted in the prosecution of many of these types of cases."

But Moroso cites two important hurdles the case would have to overcome. "To sustain a court filing on this matter, the investigation will have to prove that the suspect’s intent was to cause Mr. Kasem harm," says Moroso. "Mr. Kasem was also out of the state after May 7, 2014 so there are jurisdictional issues with regard to where incidents occurred relative to any elder abuse claims. The case will be reviewed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office who will make the final decision as to whether or not there is enough evidence to file it."