Governors Ball 2014: The Kills Let Drummers Take The Lead (Video)

Alison, Mosshart, The Kills, Governors Ball
Forest Woodward

Alison Mosshart of the Kills performs on stage during day 3 of The Governors Ball at Randall's Island on June 8, 2014 in New York City.

As the Kills took to the Big Apple stage on Sunday (June 8), the sun started to creep under clouds. The audible long time fans cheered for the rockers to start their set, as frontwoman Alison Mosshart wore her signature bleached blonde hair, jean vest, and patterned bulky shirt. There was not one, but four drummers, two on each side of the stage, with each pair interweaving drum parts throughout the set, part of the theatrics. The band surged into opener “U R A Fever,” as Mosshart did her best to satisfy the crowd, singing “I am a fever, I am a fever, I ain’t born typical.”

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The sinister group then launched into tune ‘Future Starts Slow” off of their 2011 release Blood Pressures album, as Mosshart cooed “You can swing, you can fly.” This tune, accentuated by an exceptionally hook-y guitar part, set the tone for the rest of the broody set, as the band didn’t bother much with talking.

Governors Ball 2014

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The drummers took the attention off the leads, as they crisscrossed their drum sticks in a slightly cheesy dance move that didn’t quite translate, followed by turning their backs to the crowd all together. Guitarist Jamie Hince traded on vocals with Mosshart, as he sank into ‘Kissy Kissy,” the hook of “It’s been a long time coming, a long time coming” reinforcing the nostalgic undertones of the set.


A screen hung on stage that looked like a huge tapestry of leopard print, paired with alien purple lights, which left the band with a slightly bizarre, other worldly stage presence, that didn’t quite land with most of the crowd, who exited after a few songs, leaving the die hard fans holding strong.

A loud drone blares aggressively from the stage as the Kills launch into standout “Black Balloon” beginning with a clapping drum sample, as frontwoman Alison Mosshart sets into the chilling line “I wanna waste your time, black balloon,” the tune ending in hand claps once again.

Guitarist Jamie Hince then yells into the crowd, which was waning, “Thank youuuu, my favorite place in the world!!” before hitting back to the thumping bass. He brushes a steady rhythm with one finger, no pick, on “No Wow,” a standout to the otherwise strange set, singing “This ain’t no wow now, they all been put down.”