Kobalt Releases 2013 Financial Results: Revenue, Loss Increases

The Kobalt Music Group managed explosive sales growth last year but the company's loss also widened as it increased investments in two new business areas: label services and neighboring rights.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, the company reported 107.04 million pounds ($162.8 million), a 37.7% increase from ($118.2 million) 77.7 million pounds in the year ending June 30, 2012. But the company's loss widened to 4.86 million pounds ($7.4 million) from 3.74 million pounds ($5.7 million) on a constant currency basis.

Looking at the different divisions of the company, the Kobalt label services division produced a $3 million operating loss on sales of $12.3 million, as compared with a $803,000 operating loss on sales of $5.66 million; while its neighboring rights division turned in an operating loss of $569,000 on revenues of $3 million in 2013, versus an operating loss of $600,000 on revenues of $1.5 million.

Meanwhile, its oldest and largest operations, the publishing division generated $3.8 million in segmental operating profit on revenues of $147.5 million. Thats up from the $2.3 million profits from the $111.7 million in revenue it had in the prior year. However, these profits exclude overall corporate overhead of $6.4 million fiscal 2013 and $5.26 million in fiscal 2012.

Unlike the U.S. when companies with public stock or debt are required to report their financial results within 45-60 days of a period end, U.K. companies are allowed to report as late as nine-months after the close of its fiscal year.

Breaking out its revenue by geographic location, Kobalt derived 47.7% of its revenue in the U.S., 14.7% from the U.K., 23.8% from the rest of Europe; and 13.8% from the rest of the world. The company averaged 164 staffers during fiscal 2013, up from 123 staffers in fiscal 2012.