Late Night Music Roundup: Veruca Salt, Lykke Li, Dierks Bentley Perform (Watch)

Has it really been two decades? Time has flown since Veruca Salt’s grunge-era anthem “Seether” dropped in 1994. Much has changed in that time (the Internet, anyone?), but the Chicago alternative-rock quartet's best-known track still has a kick. A reunited Veruca Salt proved that point with a rock-out performance on “Conan” – their first TV gig in 18 years.

The group has been ramping up the activity of late. There was the release of a 10-inch single for Record Store Day (featuring "Seether" and two new works), while there’s a free download of “The Museum of Broken Relationships” available at the band’s official Website. The “Conan” slot should serve as a neat warm-up for a comeback tour starting June 22 in Portland.

Lykke Li...  On late night U.S. TV!?! Who’d have thought? The Swedish singer-songwriter has been winning fans over with "I Never Learn," the last installment in a trilogy of albums. Her music ain't mainstream. On its release, Billboard described it as “a brave album -- it could very well alienate more fans than it brings in.” 

Dierks Bentley’s “Drunk on A Plane” is one of the breakout cuts from the country star’s latest album, “Riser.” In a set dotted with songs of sadness and darkness, “Drunk” is a lighthearted bit of fun. The title sounds like an air-rage incident just waiting to happen. "It's a fun song, and would make a killer video,” he told Billboard. "My band would have to be dressed up as stewardesses.” The "Late Show with David Letterman" presented that opportunity. Sadly, there wasn’t a stewardess outfit in sight.