Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' Headed Toward Top 40 Debut on Hot 100

Ed Sheeran covers Billboard
Jason Bell

Ed Sheeran photographed by Jason Bell on March 26th at Madam Jojo's in London. 

The singer's new song, co-written and -produced with Pharrell, should make an impressive entrance on next week's Hot 100 due to strong early sales and airplay.

Ed Sheeran: The Billboard Cover Story

"His first record ['+,' which has sold 796,000 copies in the U.S.] was really just him, a guitar and sampling. The sound was adult ... but when you went to see Ed live, it was a lot of young girls going crazy," Ivey says. "Now, with 'Sing' [co-]produced [and co-written] by Pharrell, it's like Justin Timberlake's metamorphosis from 'N Sync to solo. Or, even the way that John Mayer slowly pulled layers back revealing more and more of who he was as an artist with each project.
"We're just seeing the tip of the iceberg with Ed," Ivey muses. "I'm not sure he even knows what all he has in him. But, he has [pop/R&B writer/producer] Benny Blanco, Pharrell and others helping to pull different twists and turns out of him.
"'Sing' is such an obvious smash."