U.K.'s PRS Releases Positive 2013 Numbers

PRS, the U.K.'s performing rights organization representing over 100,000 members, has announced its overall numbers for 2013. Almost across the board, numbers were up.

PRS collected £596 million in revenue distributable to its members in 2013, up from £572.3 in 2012.

Not including international sources of royalty revenue (worth £201.1 million in 2013), the organization's most lucrative source of income was, unsurprisingly, public performance, which totaled £162.3 million, up from £154.7 million in 2012. Public performance royalties were driven up in part by the Olympics in London.

Adele and "Skyfall" were a major part of cinema royalties' 9.3% growth.

Television was "the largest single source of international income," PRS wrote. U.K. television and radio broadcasters brought in £160.4 million.

Online services delivered £61.2 million to PRS, up from £51.7 in 2012, aided in part by new licenses for YouTube and Deezer. "Clear signs of a market shift from downloads to streaming were seen," said PRS in its report. The trend was echoed in Nielsen SoundScan's Q1 report, which Billboard reported on earlier today.

Though physical sales are in most strategists' rearview mirrors at this point, the sector still delivered a hefty chunk of change to PRS, totaling £80.7 million. CDs accounted for the vast majority of that sum, contributing £60.8 million.

You can read PRS' full report here.