Int'l Power Players: Apple



Senior director, iTunes International

Oliver Schusser, senior director at iTunes International, keeps a low media profile, consistent with Apple’s tight-lipped culture. But his impact on international music can’t be missed—or underestimated. Lady Gaga chose the 2013 iTunes Festival in London to premiere tracks from her album "ARTPOP." Consider the resources Schusser offers artists and labels outside the United States: A recording in the iTunes Store has the potential to reach purchasers in 119 countries and be one of the 20 billion paid-for tracks downloaded to date. Play live at the annual iTunes Festival, and one’s streamed performance is seen live in more than 100 countries. Dan Cryan, senior director of digital media at research group IHS Screen Digest, says of Schusser’s achievements: “ITunes is the biggest music retailer in the world. Artists performing at the festival get an awful lot of in-store promotion, and that promotion is international.” More than 20 million applied for the free tickets to attend the 2013 festival, where 60-plus acts performed every night in September and rocked London’s iconic 3,300-capacity Roundhouse venue. Gaga was joined by Justin Timberlake and Jessie J as headliners. “[Fans] can view the live streams on their iOS devices and Apple TV,” Schusser recently told the media. With 170 million iPads and 400 million iPhones sold by Apple, Schusser offers artists one of the most powerful music-marketing channels.—Juliana Koranteng