Todd Moscowitz Teases 300 Entertainment, First Signees Perform at Pre-Grammys Celebration

Per Zoe Silverman's words, Brooklyn's heavy pop duo ASTR's set was what really started the party Friday night at the 300 Entertainment x Encore Sessions party at The Standard in Hollywood.

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"You have no idea how hard it was to get here: Planes, trains and automobiles," said Silverman, the group's singer, referencing the snow storm that snarled traveling on the East Coast. "We came to party. So I don't give a fuck if it's the Grammys, none of this industry shit. Let's dance!"

Following the band's six-song set that included a cover of Drake's "Hold on Were Going Home" and closed with the band's single "Operate", what had been a pretty slow party that was sponsored by Absolut started picking up some steam.

The group is the first signing of Lyor Cohen's new venture 300 and is building attention in the indie and pop realms following the recent "Varsity" EP release through 300 on New York taste-making label Neon Gold. Cohen himself wasn't in attendance -- we were told he is in Europe, ahead of his keynote at MIDEM in early February [keep an eye out, as Cohen's chat with Tom Silverman, expected to be a formal introduction to his new, Google-backed company 300, will be streamed live from Cannes on]. "It made sense," said 300's Todd Moscowitz, regarding putting that first taste out through another imprint. "Derek [Davis, Neon Gold founder] has been a fan since the start. I can't say enough good things about Neon Gold."

Moscowitz would not name any new acts they're looking at, but teased one announcement coming up as "very exciting."

"For us it seemed smart," said Silverman of signing to 300 after her set. "We know what Lyor is capable of, and he has a lot to use. He's going to use us like a weapon."

Silverman said they liked that they would be the first artists signed to the roster -- which has now grown to include Been Trill and Derek King -- and if 300 had more acts, they might not have been so quick to get on board.

From there, the energy picked up a bit as Been Trill DJ'ed a largely hip-hop and R&B set and attendees started loosening up a little on the dance floor.

Tommy Boy CEO and Founder Tom Silverman showed up to support his daughter, Zoe Silverman.

"It's an amazing thing, because I know how hard it is. She knows exactly what she wants." he said of his daughter's budding success. "I always told her not to do it unless she was going to do it one-hundred twenty percent. I wasn't one of those parents who pushed her into it; I was the opposite. She had to be serious, and she got here on her own. I've got her back, that's about it."