Midem Announces Finalists for Annual Midemlab Competition

Midemlab, the think-tank competition of startup ideas in the digital music space, which takes place as part of the annual Midem music business conference in Cannes, France, has announced its list of finalists, thirty in all, across three categories. The awards, presented by Pepsi and Vivendi, will be judged by an international jury composed of executives, venture capitalists and entrepenuers. Midem is scheduled for February 1-4, 2014.

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The competition is divided into three categories, which you can view below along with the nominees in each. Previous participants in Midemlab include the now-ubiquitous Soundcloud, data farm The Echo Nest and the live music platform Songkick.

Midemlab is but one of the seven competitions taking place at this year's conference. Others include Hack Day, in which programmers are given two days to conceive and create a new music-focused software application, as well as Pitch Your Song, the Marketing Competition, Sync Sessions and more.

Music discovery, recommendation and creation

  • Blitzr (France) – Metadata-driven music platform & services
  • Cubic.fm(Turkey) – Social music discovery platform
  • Indiloop (Canada) – Cloud-based mash up software
  • Jukely (USA) – Matchmaker for concerts and friends
  • Moodsnap(USA) – Image-based music discovery app
  • Music Gateway (UK) – Unique music Industry business platform
  • Muzieo (USA) – Mobile-based music discovery service
  • Nagual Sounds (Germany) – New interactive musical experience
  • Sound Wand (UK) – Musical instrument of the future
  • Soundwave (Ireland) – Your music world

Marketing and social engagement

  • Feature.fm by EQuala.fm (USA) – Music promotion network
  • FanPicby Huggity (Ireland) – Engaging fans beyond the event
  • Hello Stage (Austria) – Classical music community
  • Lalilala by Appiway (France) – Singing challenges between friends
  • LISNR (USA) – Dynamic Audio Content Delivery Platform
  • Noise Fish (UK) – Online Home of the Music Industry
  • Rushmore (UK) – Platform connecting artists with fans
  • Starlize by Mobile Motion (Germany) – Mobile Music Video Creation
  • Tunespeak (USA) – Musician-to-fan loyalty platform
  • Vidrack (Canada) – Video Camera on Your Website

Direct to consumer sales and Content Monetisation

  • 3Plet (Estonia) – Music album as an app
  • 10tracks (Russia) – Cloud storage for music collections
  • BandstandMobile (Ireland) – Artist-to-Fan App Development
  • Capsule.fm (Germany)Making your online content audible
  • Kicktone (Australia)Social Music Discovery
  • Metable (UK)Metadata and Asset Management Platform
  • Pulpix(France)Exclusive showcase online services
  • Screenburn(UK) – Facebook video on demand platform
  • Songspot (France) – Social jukebox app
  • Weezic (France) – Augmented Sheet Music