Biz's Year in Music Index: Bic Lighters, P!nk, Deep Purple, 17th-Century Court Musicians

Hours of music streamed on Spotify this year: 4.5 billion, or 513,358 years.

Anatomical age of the human race: 200,000 years.

Number of deep catalog albums sold this year, according to Nielsen SoundScan: 101,030,000.

Number of Deep Purple Albums sold in 2013 through Dec. 13 according to Nielsen SoundScan: 261,000.

Lump value of concert tickets in 2013, as measured by BoxScore: $4,876,198,404.

Average length of time a Bic lighter lasts: 33 minutes.

Estimated value of the secondary ticket market: $15,000,000,000.

Amount of money Han van Meegeren made selling six fake Vermeers: $60,000,000.

Net worth of Sean Combs -- the most valuable man in hip-hop -- mostly attributable to his investment in vodka: $580 million.

Net worth of Len Blavatnick, Russian businessman and owner of Warner Music: $17,800,000,000.

Salary of a 17th-century violist: 400 Thaler.

Miles traveled by Silver Lake, California's Local Natives, the most-traveled act of the year according to SongKick: 119,605.

Percentage of Americans who have never left their country: About 64.

Views generated by Ylvis' "The Fox Says" video on YouTube: 276,000,000.

Number of views that BBC's "Fox Wars" documentary has generated on YouTube: 232.

Total concert attendance in 2013, as measured by BoxScore: 68,043,147.

Number of people in history who have gone to space: 536.

Top-grossing single concert in 2013, according to BoxScore: P!nk at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne with $29,201,400.

Population of Australia: 22,000,000.