Report Confirms YouTube Paid 'MusicPass' Subscription Details

You know how annoying it can be to listen to more than one song on YouTube on a smartphone, compared to on a computer? Music won't play in the background, if you turn your phone's screen off, or if you don't have (or want to use up your) wireless data connection, you can run into ads, and it's not easy to deal with or make playlists.

Google fixes all of this with a paid subscription version in an upcoming version of its YouTube Android app, as uncovered by APK Teardown.

Note that they pieced together this information from code that Google might or might not activate, but their assessment is buttressed by rumors that have been swirling for months about a YouTube music subscription to complement Google Play All Access and placate labels and publishers, who feel a little nervous about so much of their music being available for free on YouTube.

We can't resist pointing out that we called all 5 of these features in October.

From APK Teardown's analysis of YouTube 5.3 for Android:

Offline playback (music? Video? Both?), background listening, "uninterrupted music," and "no ads on millions of songs" are all mentioned...

Also note that the offline playback and background listening are specifically mentioned in the context of Music Pass. It's possible that these features might be limited to paid subscribers. Again, there's no way to confirm or deny that with the information here...

It looks like entire playlistscan be cached locally for offline playback (assuming you've got the storage space, of course), though YouTube uploaders may be able to specify that their videos cannot be saved locally [our emphases].

(APK Teardown via Peter Watts and J Hershkowitz)

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