Google, VEVO, AOL Top Ranking of Online Video Destinations and Ad Servers

Digital metrics company comScore has released its rankings of October's top ten video content destinations, ad servers, and YouTube partners, parsing the viewing habits of 189 million Americans, representing 87% of the American internet audience, and who watched 49.1 billion videos with 24.5 billion advertisements via those videos. People spent an average of 1,330 viewing minutes per user, with advertisements representing one-third of all videos viewed -- but only 3.5% of total engaged minutes counted.

A study from Pew Research Center released earlier this month showed that music video viewership has increased dramatically over the last four years, with 50% of respondents saying they had watched a music video online, up from 32% in 2009.

(Note that comScore counts each segment of a video as a stream, meaning that if what you're watching is paused for an ad, when it resumes a new stream begins. As well, video views are counted whether auto-played or user-initiated, as long as they are played for three seconds or longer.)

Topping out the list of online video destinations is Google and YouTube with 164 million unique viewers across 16.5 billion videos and an gargantuan average time spent viewing of 506 minutes per viewer -- the next-highest was video portal NDN with 86.9 minutes. Fifth on the list is music video portal VEVO with 49 million unique viewers across 650 million videos.  Maker Studios, the multi-channel network which produces "Epic Rap Battle of History" among other productions and channels, was tenth, with 30.4 million viewers across 517 million videos. As of today, Maker Studios has 340 million subscribers. Its audience is primarily (80%) aged 13-34. Maker has been growing exponentially by aggregating as many channels as possible. Even though its unique viewer count is less than rival Fullscreen, its minutes viewed is nearly double that of Fullscreen. This suggests that Maker is doing a better job of keeping viewers within its network of channels, either through programming or cross-channel promotions.

VEVO was at the top of the YouTube Partner Channels list -- which is nearly dominated by music-related companies -- with 47.8 million viewers across 620.9 million videos. Maker Studios rival Fullscreen was at No. 2 with 31.5 million across 335.1 million videos, with Maker right behind with 30.4 million viewers across 517 million videos. Warner Music came fourth with 26.1 million viewers across 157.7 million videos.

Ad properties was topped by a dominant AOL, who served up 4 billion ads, reaching 49.8% of the U.S. population. Online video ads in general reached 56% of the population across 24.4 billion ads. Hulu dominated the frequency war, serving an average of 80 ads per user (the two second-highest were nowhere near as frequent,  Google displaying an average of 31.2 and AOL 25.9).