Google and YouTube Allow Nielsen to Begin Measuring Ads

Nielsen, the company which provides statistics on media consumption and purchasing (and which helps power the Billboard charts) will become far more powerful and useful to advertisers across all conceivable markets very soon, when the company's tags are officially allowed on advertisements inside the Google ecosystem, including the monolithic YouTube.

Nielsen's Acquisition of Arbitron Complete

Before now, Google provided potential clients with its own system of advertising metrics which it calls Analytics. But the brand loyalty which Nielsen inspires, most importantly among television businesses, is expected to drive much stronger interest in YouTube and Google-related advertising. ComScore, a rival analytics company, is also being allowed to add its tags to Google according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Digital video ad spending is expected to be worth $4.14 billion this year and $5.75 billion in 2014, according to eMarketer. While the bulk of video ad spending remains within peoples' television sets, with $66.35 billion to be spent this year, the availability of trustworthy, independent metrics to ad buyers can only speed up the growth of the industry.

"Following a brief testing period, we expect Nielsen measurement tags to be accepted across all Google properties, including YouTube, by early 2014," reads Nielsen's statement on the news. "This development is further evidence of the momentum and broad marketplace support for our efforts to deliver independent measurement of advertising campaigns across distribution platforms."