Google's Glass Learns to Play with Music

Google's Glass device, the search giant's augmented reality headset, has beefed up its relationship to the musical world today, unveiling some new features and $85 earbuds for the still-in-beta product, which resembles a more pragmatic take on science fiction.

First reported by the New York Times late yesterday and revealed on the Glass website today, the most important and notable new feature announced is integration with Google's Play media hub. Google has added the "listen to" command, which finds and plays the artist or song the user requests as retrieved from Play's music service, which pools Google's licensed catalog of music with the user's own collection. Other services, such as Spotify or Beats' yet-to-launch Daisy, will be allowed on the device in the future. The command "what song is this?" -- which queries a database similar to Soundhound or Shazam, identifying the song playing -- has been available for several months now.

Google also released a commercial touting the changes, which stars producer Young Guru, who buys a very dated thing -- a long-playing vinyl record of the fantastic band Senor Coconut, after asking his Glasses what song is playing -- using the piece of near-future technology.

Glass is expected to officially debut with near the end of 2014. At the moment only those who apply, are accepted, and the pay $1,500, are eligible to own one of the devices.