Power Players Panel With Capshaw, Rapino, Light, Geiger, Lieweke To Wrap Billboard Touring Conference

The Billboard Touring Conference closes out the programming on its 10th edition with a powerful array of “power players” in its closing session, titled “OK, New Rules. What Are They? And What Are The Stakes?”

The session, set for Nov. 14 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, features five of the Top 10 executives in the 2013 Billboard Power 100, including Coran Capshaw, founder/owner, Red Light Management; Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation Entertainment; Rob Light, managing partner/head of music, Creative Artists Agency; Marc Geiger, head of music, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment; and Tim Lieweke, who began the year as CEO of AEG and now is president/CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.
“Over the 10 year history of the Billboard Touring Conference, ideas once considered risky or even insane are now commonplace, and the industry has moved beyond post-consolidation aftershock into a world where boundaries are blurred, synergistic partners are critical, and the live thing dominates the music business, period,” says Billboard’s Ray Waddell, who programs the Touring Conference. “Still, this is a business that must balance billions of dollars in potential with the simple concept of selling tickets and developing bands people want to see. The headlines show that disruption leads to new opportunities and those not locked into traditional models can win big, yet the value of the live business is a moving target as the industry searches to demonstrate its true financial worth. This panel provides the opportunity to shine a light on how decisions are made at the highest level in the touring industry.”
It’s not an exaggerration to state that strategies taken by those on this panel could, in many ways, dictate the touring industry’s direction for the next decade. High-profile music business attorney Elliot Groffman will lead a discussion that will examine the forces at work at a time when the potential of the industry has never been more promising, yet the marketplace remains at a crossroads.
“I look forward to moderating the panel discussion on the ‘new rules’ of the live music business,” Groffman tells Billboard.biz.  “The cast of characters is amazing. Marc Geiger and Rob Light, both visionaries and leaders of the most powerful agencies in the business, will give us interesting perspectives on how the game has changed over the last few years, including changes in how deals are made, tickets are sold and careers expanded into the new worlds of digital content and advertising. I’m sure Michael Rapino, the head of…the largest and most powerful promoter and venue operator, will have plenty to say about their tactics and the impact of those negotiations on the viability of their core business. Tim Lieweke brings a unique perspective to the table with his move to the sports world after a distinguished career at AEG. What can we learn about our business by looking at the sports business?  And, of course, Coran Capshaw, a restless entrepreneur in the live music space, will focus us all on what these new rules, new games and new issues mean to today’s artist community. What’s at stake? The future of the music industry.”