Apple's iTunes Radio to Launch in U.K., Canada Early Next Year (Report)

Apple's iTunes Radio product will launch in the U.K., Canada and unspecified Nordic countries as soon as early next year and beating rival Pandora to those markets, according to a report from Bloomberg earlier today. The report also said iTunes Radio is set to launch early next year in Australia and New Zealand

According to Bloomberg, Apple was able to move quickly due to its international rights agreements with record companies, which Pandora lacks.

Apple iTunes Radio’s Promise Vs. Its Delivery: A Report Card

An Apple representative declined to comment to for this report.

iTunes Radio's launch last month -- which prompted product announcements from Internet radio companies Pandora and Slacker -- garnered 11 million users in its first week. By comparison, Pandora's user count for the entire month August was 72.1 million.

Founded in 2000, Pandora is available in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. if Apple is able to launch globally at a rate that Pandora is not able to match, we could see a dramatic shift in the company's international strategy.