M.I.A., 'Matangi': Fall Music Preview 2013


Release Date: Nov. 5
Label: Interscope Records

M.I.A.'s fourth studio album will be portrayed as a comeback effort upon its release—after all, the controversial U.K. singer/songwriter followed her 2007 breakout album, "Kala" (559,000 copies sold), with the inscrutable full-length "/\/\ /\ Y /\" (99,000 copies sold), and "Matangi" has been subject to multiple delays. "'Matangi' is the answer to why [debut album] 'Arular' and 'Kala' existed and '/\/\ /\ Y /\' was resisted," the singer says. "It's been a long journey to nirvana . . . I am peaced, not pissed." The new album was entirely produced by M.I.A., Surkin, Switch and Danja; the lattermost helmed the boisterous 2012 single "Bad Girls," which will make the final "Matangi" track list.

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