Nine Inch Nails, ‘Hesitation Marks’: Fall Music Preview 2013

Baldur Bragson
Nine Inch Nails

Release Date: Sept. 3
Label: Columbia

The return of Nine Inch Nails from retirement was not inevitable. Since the band signed off in 2009, leader Trent Reznor has done just fine as a husband, father and Academy Award-winning film scorer. Where did NIN’s self-obsessed, sadistic indulgences fit into such an upright picture? By the sounds of "Hesitation Marks," they come just as naturally as ever. The album may be one of NIN’s most measured: There are no shrieks, either human or machine; no bellows at a godless universe. But jaw-clenching cuts like “Copy of A” and “Disappointed” point to a different type of disillusionment, perhaps one born of being, well, vaguely content.

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