Intel Teams with MTV to Launch Second Year of Its 'Music Experiment' with Empire of the Sun in New York

Empire of the Sun lead singer Luke Steele (center), is pictured alongside David Veneski (left), Intel's director of media, and Nusrat Durrani, senior VP and general manager of MTV World

Intel, the world's largest manufacturer of computer chips, sponsored 22 different experiential media events with various partners in 2012. Of those partners, only MTV Iggy was renewed for 2013 for a program called Music Experiment 2.0 ­ a continuation of a 2012 program in which buzz bands are booked to play secret shows in nontraditional venues and co-create an immersive experience for fans powered by Intel products. This year's kickoff event was a masquerade-themed ball held in New York's Gotham Hall June 20 with Australian electro-rock outfit Empire of the Sun, whose sophomore album Ice On The Dune was released globally two days prior.

Intel's Veneski said the relationship with MTV was renewed as part of a strategic shift away from experiential marketing to a focus on demand-generation to drive sales and experiences with Intel Ultrabooks, including a Windows 8 desktop app that will offer multiple camera angles for future Music Experiment concert live-streams in Boston, Nashville, Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year. Fans who attend the physical concerts will also be able to take photos and share their experiences at interactive Ultrabook booths at each show. Additionally, home viewers have the opportunity to be part of the experience by being live-projected on the walls of each venue via their Ultrabook. "Getting people to touch the technology is highly important to us. We think it will actually sell product," Veneski says.

The next Music Experiment 2.0 event is slated for August 7 in Boston, though MTV's Durrani declined to name the confirmed artist as each act is announced within a week of their respective performance. Of Monsters and Men, Santigold, The Jezabels and Flux Pavilion performed in 2012. Though expect more artists with new or just-released albums, as the June 20 event helped Empire of the Sun debut at No. 20 on last week's Billboard 200. "We want to catch artists that are on the rise, already lifting and get some of the rub from that timing," Durrani says. "That's an important experience so it's very deliberate."