Coachella: Stone Roses and Blur's Headline Switch Was Planned, Says Goldenvoice

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Ian Brown of The Stone Roses performs at Coachella

The Stone Roses, who closed Coachella's opening night last week, will be switching places with another reunited British institution, Blur, later tonight for the fest's second week. The seemingly last-minute headliner swap tonight was, according to festival founder Paul Tollett, anything but.

"Those bands pack a one-two punch, and I think fans are there to see both of them," he said Thursday, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. "If you looked at our posters for each week, typographically we've always had them switched around for the second week."

There was speculation that the Stone Roses' set, as compared to Blur's was far less attended not as well-received, and that the headliner switch was due to the former's relatively tepid reception. Said Tollett: "I would never do that to bands."