Harmony Korine to Write Book With Rapper Riff Raff (Report)

Harmony Korine, writer and director of "Spring Breakers," is reportedly writing a book based on rapper Riff Raff's (sometimes stylized as RiFF RAFF) tweets.

The rapper, who shared the news in Acclaim magazine, was previously caught up in a scuffle with Korine over the inspiration for James Franco's "Spring Breakers" character, Alien. While there were never any official statements saying that Riff Raff was offered the role of rapping, drug-dealing Alien, the Houston-based artist claims that he was originally considered for the part ultimately played by Franco.

"If I explained the story to u then u wouldn’t even believe me. Harmony Korine called my phone to be in this new movie 'Spring Breakers.' I was out of the country," Riff Raff tweeted to Fuse reporter David Shapiro in March.

Franco, who has received stellar reviews for the role, was quoted as saying that the inspiration for his character came from Florida rapper Dangeruss -- not just Riff Raff.

But now, Riff Raff and Korine seem to have put aside their differences to write a book. The premise: the filmmaker will attempt to decipher Riff Raff's sometimes cryptic, sometimes prolific 140-character statements. A release date has not yet been set for the book, nor is it clear how the tome would be published.

When asked if Korine has been accurate in his interpretations, Riff Raff said, "Nah, it’s not about that. Because nobody can perfectly understand what I’m saying. It’s somebody’s opinion. It’s how they feel about it… There’s no right or wrong answer in an interpretation. It’s all in the person who’s interpreting, and how you feel about something."

A representative for Korine did not immediately return The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.