Eagle Rock Entertainment Drops List and Wholesale Prices In Bid to Drive Sales Volume

Eagle Rock Entertainment, a leading music video label, is lowering prices in an attempt to get more shelf space and boost sales.

On April 1, the company will lower its list price from $14.98 to $9.98 and bring wholesale down from $9.51 to $7.25.

The hope is that retail will embrace the lower price, resulting in boosted sales volume, which will incentivize retails to give the label more shelf space for its titles, says Eagle Rock president of North American operations Mike Carden.

 “Our new price structure will allow the retailer flexibility to sell our projects at a price point that is more consumer friendly," Carden said in a statement. "As the retail market continues to become more constricted, this lower price is more in line with today’s financial climate.”

Eagle rock issues DVD titles of concerts and documentaries on such artists as the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Who, Queen, the Doors, Jeff Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne.

As part of its pricing realignment, Eagle Rock will also introduce deluxe packages for its bigger titles. "Some customers buy on price and others want all kinds of bells and whistles with more content, so I will give them a choice,"  Carden adds.