CBS Radio Debuts ‘Amplify,’ New Plans for Label Partnerships

Billboard has confirmed that CBS Radio is rolling out several new programs under the umbrella name “Amplify” designed to more closely align their entire platform of stations with the music industry. The three biggest elements of the new program are “Impact” which focuses on song or album releases from big-name artists, “launch” which provides multi-platform exposure for newer acts and “artist hook ups,” special promotions and events assembled exclusively for CBS Radio’s listeners.

The first examples of the “Impact” and “Artist Hook Up” programs will be around the release of RCA Records recording artist Justin Timberlake’s album “The 20/20 Experience” on Tuesday March 19 and Warner Music’s new release from Blake Shelton, “Based on a True Story,” which lands the following Tuesday.

The Timberlake campaign is scheduled to begin Saturday, March 16 and, in addition to on-air content about the album, will give listeners the chance to win a copy of the release and possibly a trip to meet him and see a performance at an exotic location overseas.

Promotion of Shelton’s release will include album song highlights and comments from the artist as well as the chance for listeners to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas and possibly hang backstage and on the red carpet with the artist.

Republic Records recording artist Avicii will be the subject of the first Launch campaign scheduled for April 1 – 5. It will include song clips and sound bites where the artist will discuss the inspiration for his music. “

CBS Radio President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Mason says these programs will help illustrate radio’s ability to influence music purchasing. “I’m really out to prove radio still sells product,” because that, in his opinion, is a key differentiator between radio and pure-play online music services. “It’s more competitive when it comes to products that play music out there but we don’t believe those type of services can sell product.”

Of course these programs aren’t solely designed to help the labels sell albums. CBS Radio VP of top 40 programming Michael Martin says they also add depth to CBS station’s programming. “Radio’s strength is being local and living the listener’s lives with them.”