Piero Giramonti Named GM of Harvest Records

Piero Giramonti joins the growing list of recent executive appointees at Capitol Music Group and its subsidiaries; the music industry veteran has been named general manager of the long-standing Harvest Records. Harvest's extensive catalog of progressive rock includes Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Electric Light Orchestra's eponymous debut and English punk band Wire's highly regarded Pink Flag.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Steve Barnett and Michelle Jubelirer for this appointment, as their belief in the importance of a new life for Harvest is making the relaunch of this storied label a reality," said Giramonti in a release. "Harvest has always been known as the home of progressive, culturally-provocative, left-of-center, and ahead-of-the-curve artists, and that is the tradition we will continue as our artists and staff collectively write the next chapter in the label's history. It feels great to be back in the Capitol Tower where I started my career in the American music business."

Capitol described Giramonti's duties as "bringing an independent-label approach to the company; signing a select group of innovative artists and helping them achieve success, while empowering them with the freedom to pursue their artistic visions." Giramonti and Harvest will be partnering with Caroline -- which recently brought in Dominic Pandiscia to lead its efforts -- for commercial support, radio promo and licensing.

Capitol EVP Michelle Jubelirer wrote that “Piero’s experience in the indie world," referencing Giramonti's time as president of indie Dangerbird, "as well as his years and varied resume within major label systems, makes him the perfect person to relaunch and lead Harvest. Piero and his team will build a label where a select roster of original, cutting-edge artists can find strong support and the best of both worlds -- the benefits of a dedicated label, as well the clout of Caroline and the Capitol Music Group.”

Previously, Giramonti served as SVP of global marketing for Warner Brothers Records, SVP of worldwide marketing for Epic and Virgin, and an international marketing executive at EMI working throughout Europe. He is a voting member of the Recording Academy and the finance chair of the Pablove Foundation.

Giramonti is the sixth senior-level executive brought in by Capitol over the last month, following Mike Harris' appointment as EVP and GM of Caroline last week, Dominic Pandiscia being named president of Caroline earlier in the week, Ron Spaulding's elevation to SVP of sales at Capitol, Greg Thompson's appointment as EVP of Capitol, and Todd von Mende taking the CFO seat at Capitol in late January.