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No. 17
Frank Cooper

Chief Marketing Officer of Global Consumer Engagement
Twitter: @f3cooper

Behind The Brand-New Flavor In Your Ear...

Co-founder of Urban Box Office Networks and a former executive at Motown and Def Jam, Frank Cooper has climbed the ranks of PepsiCo by making music a core part of his brands' marketing plans. In his previous role as chief marketing officer of Pepsi's sparkling beverages, Cooper set the template for branded music labels (Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound) and helped ink one of Eminem's first commercial deals. (The Lipton Brisk campaign debuted during last year's Super Bowl.)

In his new role as head of global consumer engagement, Cooper is making Brand Pepsi an even bigger part of the music ecosystem with a companywide investment that could well exceed $100 million in music sponsorship. Pepsi's $60 million backing of Fox's "The X Factor" may have looked like a catch-up maneuver (Coca-Cola has sponsored "American Idol" since 2002) but the deal generated something even Coke hasn't done in years: A hit single (Outasight's "Tonight's the Night") that continues to climb the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100. This is based almost entirely on its placement in Pepsi's biggest TV play in three years.

Cooper's next power push goes to "X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro, who's about to earn major exposure from a new Super Bowl spot co-starring Elton John.

Melanie Amaro will perform a take on Aretha Franklin's "Respect" in your Super Bowl 2012 Pepsi spot. What will make the campaign a success?

With a Super Bowl spot, a lot happens before the game and a lot happens during. And then, even after the game you have a life that lives mostly online, so we're hoping the second screen will start to light up. That's when you're hitting on all cylinders.

Where do you see Pepsi taking music in 2012?

You'll see Pepsi playing a more active role in the music industry but also music culture. What we did with Outasight points at that a bit, where obviously we integrated his song into a Pepsi commercial and that became a catalyst for his career. Just like how we're featuring Melanie Amaro in our Super Bowl spot-using those features to elevate artists is something you'll see a lot more of.

So does that mean you're focusing more exclusively on emerging artists, or is there still a place for established artists and superstars?

If your heart and soul is in the music business, you don't just attach yourself to the artist who stumbled across the stage with five Grammys. Our intention is to attach ourselves to artists who are iconic, but in different ways.

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