Bob Geldof Picks Up Award At MIDEM

Named as one of the personalities of the year.

Live 8 mastermind Bob Geldof stopped by at MIDEM, the annual gathering of the music industry, to pick up another prize on Monday (Jan. 23) but he said this one was different.

Named with Live 8 partners U.K. promoter Harvey Goldsmith and IFPI chairman and CEO John Kennedy as personalities of the year at the 40th MIDEM, Geldof said
it gave him the chance to say thanks to the music industry.

"Live 8 is a compliment to all the people who will be in the room tonight," Geldof said at a news briefing ahead of a banquet marking the mart's anniversary. "There is no other industry on the planet that could do what
they did for Live 8. It is a hugely efficient industry and there was not a single branch of it that was not involved. To get an award from this crowd is payback, it's a huge compliment."

Goldsmith and Kennedy endorsed the sentiment. "To get 27 of the world's top acts on one stage in half a day ... normally it would take half a day to set up one of those bands," Goldsmith said.

Kennedy, a lawyer, said, "Each of them would usually have 20 pages of contracts and for Live 8 they just said yes," he said.

Geldof said the two main goals of the July series of rock concerts around the world had been achieved -- to double aid to African nations and to forgive their
debt. But he said it remained for the nations at last summer's G8 meeting at Gleneagles in Scotland to keep their promises.

"It will be a catastrophic moral failure if it doesn't happen," Geldof said. "If it doesn't happen, a lot of the artists who played will have things to say. I would be extremely active in naming people who broke their promises, not that they'd care. But thanks to the involvement of AOL in Live 8 we have the names of 30 million people on a petition who might change that."