Warner Music Entertainment Names Management Team

Conrad Withey, president of the newly created video production and distribution unit Warner Music Entertainment (WME), has unveiled his new management team.

WME was launched last December when Warner Vision, the audio-visual division of Warner Music International (WMI), and independent DVD and multimedia content producer the Rights Company merged.

WME handles WMI's cross-platform digital-production and multimedia distribution strategy for works by individual WMI artists or third-party content on TV, DVD, mobile, online and video-on-demand services.

Withey, the Rights Company's founder/CEO, is now responsible for WME's five divisions: programming, production, acquisitions, digital strategy & content, and commerce.

Several execs from the Rights Company take up key roles at WME. Katrina Murray, previously head of programming at the Rights Company, is WME's new programming director; Colin Fay, formerly the Rights Company's head of production, is WME's new production director; and the Rights Company's head of acquisitions, Tran Giang, takes on the same role at WME. Giang is responsible for both music and non-music content, including drama, comedy and live entertainment.

The new director of digital strategy & content is Sam Stubbings, who was previously digital development producer at Endemol, the TV-production company famous for the reality-TV "Big Brother" programming brand.

Jonny Woolf, previously WMI's financial controller, has been promoted to WME's commercial director. In that role, he is in charge of WME's operations, plus marketing and sales strategies for video content in the United Kingdom and for WMI's international affiliates.

Withey reports to John Reid, vice chairman of WMI and president, Warner Music Continental Europe.