Campbell Split UB40 Over Management Issues, Lawyers Say

Ali Campbell split with UB40 because of financial issues with the veteran U.K. crossover reggae act's business managers, not because of his plans to go solo, the singer's legal representatives claim.

In a statement, Campbell's law firm Hextalls note that Campbell is "seeking a resolution to numerous on-going long term issues that have arisen with the business managers of UB40 and he wishes to emphasise that these issues are the real reasons which have caused Ali Campbell's departure from UB40."

The statement, issued Jan. 29, disputes an earlier, separate memo sent on behalf of the veteran British band which claimed Campbell had split after 30 years to whole-heartedly pursue a solo career.

"References to Ali Campbell leaving UB40 to pursue a solo career are erroneous and misleading," the Hextalls statement adds.

The London-based firm adds, "There has been a complete failure to supply any adequate financial information causing Ali Campbell to question why it is being withheld particularly when so much time has passed. It is this failure that has led to the breakdown between Ali Campbell and the business managers of UB40 and ultimately to Ali Campbell's departure."

In a posting on his Web site, Campbell says the decision to leave had come as the result of a "long, painful and agonizing thought process," blaming almost five years of "management difficulties" which "had become intolerable."

Campbell is due to leave the group after completing a string of Ragamuffin Tour dates in February in Australia, New Zealand and Uganda. But those dates are at risk, Hextalls suggests, due to the "failure to supply the financial and other information," while earlier tours of the U.K. and Holland are also dogged by unresolved financial issues.

The business managers, although not identified by Hextalls, are not members of the band.