Omnifone, LG In Deal For Unlimited Music Phone

As expected, U.K.-based music download company Omnifone has signed LG Electronics on to make the first mobile phones that will feature its MusicStation Max unlimited mobile music service.

With MusicStation Max mobile service and the new pre-licensed handsets, consumers will be able to download an unlimited amount of music that can be organized into playlists and shared with other users.

Omnifone has music licensing deals with the four major record labels and many independents for its MusicStation service.

"MusicStation Max represents the next generation in music mobiles where unlimited music comes out of the box, with the handset," said Rob Wells, UMG International senior VP of digital music.

The service is offered through European and Asian mobile phone carriers Vodafone, Telenor, 3 Hong Kong and Vodacom.

The new pre-licensed handsets will be compatible with any 3G/HSDPA network and will include a touch screen to access MusicStation and easily download music.

"The new MusicStation Max handsets will give consumers the ultimate music freedom: the ability to download, discover, play and share whatever music they want, wherever they are," Omnifone CEO Rob Lewis said in a statement announcing the service.

Consumers who buy the handsets will have to sign up for a music, voice and data phone plan that will allow them to download music. Phone plans run for 12 to 18 months. After that period, users can either buy a new MusicStation Max device and continue the service or keep their current phone and music library at no additional charge.

Subscribers get a companion PC service that automatically synchronizes their desktop and portable playlists, tracks, artists, albums and recommendations.
MusicStation Max will store a backup of user preferences and music in case of phone failure, loss or theft.

The company is demonstrating the new phones and service at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this week.