3D iPhone? Apple Granted Patent For New 3D Technology

The Future is now, or at least a little bit closer. Apple is reportedly working on a display screen that will show 3D images and holographs without the need for bulky glasses.

According to the Telegraph, Apple was recently granted a U.S. patent for stereoscopic display technology, an innovation that has the potential to revolutionize how image are displayed on smartphones, computers, TV and movie screens. This new technology would transform images from 2D to 3D using "tiny pixel-sized domes that deflect images taken from slightly different angles into the right and left eye of the viewer.

It may, however, be a long while before an iPhone 3-D hits the streets. The patent, according to Patently Apple, uses the terms "daunting unsolved technical challenges" that may take years to overcome.

Meanwhile, you'll have to make due with the computer-phone-camera that fits in your front pocket.