'American Idol' Creator Simon Fuller, Chris Blackwell Launch Joint Venture

Business Matters: What Exactly Is Blackwell Fuller's Business Model?

Business Matters: What Exactly Is Blackwell Fuller's Business Model?

American Idol creator Simon Fuller and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell announced a joint venture, Blackwell Fuller, Inc., Monday.

The partnership aims to help artists and content owners in the music and entertainment industries expand their audience. It will be operated out of Fuller's XIX Entertainment offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

"In the rush to create new media platforms in this incredibly explosive digital age, the business community generally relegates artists to the role of a mere spectator, often at their own expense," said Fuller in a statement. "We believe we have a unique opportunity to create new-media partnerships directly with the creators themselves and build a new model that will define the path for artists and creators for the new digital age."

"There has been a need for a new business approach for artists and content owners for many years," said Blackwell. "As the entertainment industry and media companies struggle to find new financial models, the arrangements struck with artists have become more and more restrictive and onerous. Our new approach will give artists the freedom to explore new paths to market with the kind of support and resources it takes to create real scale, control, and reach."

Blackwell has worked with Bob Marley, U2, Cat Stevens, Melissa Etheridge, Roxy Music and Free. In addition to creating Idol, Fuller has worked with Annie Lennox, Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Roland Mouret, Andy Murray, Carrie Underwood, Sir Michael Caine, Lisa Marie Presley and The Spice Girls.