Harry Fox Agency Inks Deal With Spotify For Publishing Licensing, And More

Publishing Briefs: HFA Inks Deal With BFM, Imagem Signs Hesta Prynn And more

Publishing Briefs: HFA Inks Deal With BFM, Imagem Signs Hesta Prynn And more

The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) has entered into a publishing licensing, administration and management agreement with Spotify to clear mechanical publishing rights for the digital music service.

Under the agreement, Spotify will utilize HFA's end-to-end publishing licensing, reporting and royalty services to support the company's launch in the United States. HFA has more than 46,000 affiliated publishers.

"HFA has the technology and operational backbone to supply Spotify with an all-encompassing mechanical publishing licensing, administration and management solution to help bring the service to millions of new customers." HFA president/CEO Gary Churgin said in a statement

RightsFlow has launched MySpark Copyright, an online copyright registration service that helps streamlines the process for content creators and owners to register their works with the United States Copyright Office.

The MySpark Copyright website provides an interface to capture the necessary information about the work, author and owner in three steps, and then prepares and submits all required documentation on behalf of the user.

RightsFlow director of Web products Gideon Kalischer said in a statement that MySpark Copyright provides "artists, developers, musicians, photographers and creators of all types with a simple, time-saving, and affordable option to register their intellectual property and protect their work."

The $85 per submission flat-fee includes U.S. Copyright filing fees, which is currently $35 per song for an electronic filing. But in addition to a simplified submission process, the service also offers the benefit of a customer support team. In addition to music, MySpark Copyright is suited for a broad range of created works, including literary, performing arts, visual arts and software.