Brooklyn Bowl's Charley Ryan Talks Turkey About Booking Policy (Watch)

Brooklyn Bowl's Charley Ryan Talks Turkey About Booking Policy (Watch)

Brooklyn Bowl's Charley Ryan Talks Turkey About Booking Policy (Watch)

As part of Billboard's DIY issue, we recently sat down with Brooklyn Bowl co-founder and owner Charlie Ryan about his unique venue and how young bands break into the business.

Brooklyn Bowl is a fully functioning bowling alley, a 600-capacity music club and a full-service restaurant. As co-owner of the enterprise, Ryan focuses more on the daily operations of the new nightlife staple but has had plenty of experience booking local and emerging acts.

"I really try to just book acts that are fun," he told Billboard Pro.

Honoring fun as the overall concept, means a very diverse cross-section of acts have played at Brooklyn Bowl and continue to do so. M.I.A., Kanye West and Real Estate have all passed through the club.

"It's analogous to sports teams drafting the best player available regardless of what position they need," he says.

Ryan's experiences working at the legendary New York venue The Wetlands has informed his values regarding local acts.

"We do like to book big acts. But part of our responsibility is to book and develop local acts too," he says.

When it comes to breaking out, however, Ryan places a lot of responsibility on the bands, themselves. He says finding the proper representation is very important.

"The truth of the matter is most of the acts that come here are represented by someone in the mix," he says. "Most things do come from the established channels from the relationships we have. It's a relationship business."

Check out the video below:

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