Backbeat Coachella: Afrojack on Paris Hilton; Other Lives on David Hasselhoff; Evan Bogart

Backbeat spotted Afrojack hanging out near the Coachella media trailers where he discussed his new album and working with Paris Hilton. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

"My new album is gonna be coming out in September/October and that's going to be special. I want it to be an experience," Afrojack said. "I don't want it to be just some fucking tracks together like, 'Hey here's some tracks.' I want to make it a listening experience - just like when I DJ, I want people to get something new - get educated a little in different styles of music they wouldn't expect. I think it's really important to make an album. So for me, and everything I like, I try to introduce people that are not used to it and get them in and make them understand."

We asked about Paris Hilton's upcoming dance album he's apparently involved in, Afrojack said the following: "She likes pop as well - what's on the radio - but she also loves dance music. She's been going out to raves for 15 years she told me - ever since she was a little kid - and she loves dance music so I gave her some dance tracks."

From left: Vanessa Taub, Other Lives Manager; Jesse Tabish, lead vocalist Other Lives, who intentionally closed his eyes for this photo saying he was "going for a new look"; Carlyn Kessler, Radio Promotions, Red Light Management/TBD Records. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

When askedwhat his favorite thing about being in Other Lives was just as David Hasselhoff walked by Coachella's VIP area, lead singer Jesse Tabish's answer instantly became "Seeing David Hasselhoff walk by after I played a show." Other Lives are on tour with Radiohead and share the same label TBD Records. The band said the tour's going really well having recently played with them Santa Barbar. Tabish said Radiohead fans are really digging them."

Evan Bogart, President Boardwalk Records (left); Larry Wade, EVP Boardwalk, in the Coacehella VIP area following a set by Wallpaper, who is on their label. Here, they intentionally "text-pose" for the photo. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

"We're done working now for the weekend and are gonna have fun and do some networking now," said Evan Bogart, President of Boardwalk records and and accomplished songwriter ( Evan "Kidd" Bogart) as well as the co-creator/executive producer of Bravo's reality show Going Platinum, a songwriter competition with judges Kara DioGuardi, Jewe and others. He is also the son of Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart.

Bogart and his Boardwalk co-executive, Larry wade were buzzing about seeing Kendrick Lamar and looking forward to seeing The Black Keys. They duo said they were challanged by Coachella's Friday night schedule with the bands they wanted to see overlapping. Bogard spoke about wanting to get back into the studio and planned to do some songwriting networking while at Coachella.

Bogart also run The Writer's Camp songwriting collective.