Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac Events Founder Pasquale Rotella on Building 'Adult Disneyland' at EDMBiz

Electric Daisy Carnival Kicks Off: Is Las Vegas Becoming America's Answer to Ibiza?

Electric Daisy Carnival Kicks Off: Is Las Vegas Becoming America's Answer to Ibiza?

Insomniac Events and Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella might be getting into the venue business.

Speaking on a panel during the inaugural EDMBiz conference, hosted by his own Insomniac the two days before EDC Las Vegas, Rotella said that his next projects would be "going outside the States, and building venues."

Insomniac Launching EDMbiz Conference Before Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Franchising festivals is nothing new: Ultra Music Festival announced events in Argentina, Ibiza, Poland, Korea, and Brazil this year. With Rotella's notoriously hands-on approach, it's doubtful that he'd hand over the reigns to local promoters, as Ultra is doing. But with EDM still claiming the majority of its fans overseas, it's not a surprising move.

However, getting into the messy business of managing, and potentially building venues large enough to accommodate EDC's big show seems a rather strange desire for the businessman.

Pete Tong, Kaskade, Crystal Method Rally In Support of Pasquale Rotella, Indicted Electric Daisy Promoter

"Fairgrounds are built for fairs, racing tracks for racing, arenas for sports," said Rotella (EDC Las Vegas takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway; EDC New York in the parking lot of Met Life Stadium). "So for me, that is something: An adult Disneyland for what I do. I'd rent it out to other producers; I would focus on dance music. Just to create the ultimate experience in a venue."

Rotella is battling charges related to allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from the Los Angeles Coliseum, at which he hosted EDC in 2010.

Additional Reporting by Lauren Lipsay.