Emilio Estefan, Jencarlos Canela Team Up For Telemundo's Olympic Theme Song

The Telemundo Network will feature a song co-written and produced by Emilio Estefan and performed by singer/soap star Jencarlos Canela as the official theme of its Olympic Games coverage, beginning today (July 27).

"Sueña" (Dreams) is the second official Olympic Games theme produced by Estefan. In 1996, he produced the track "Reach," written and performed by wife Gloria Estefan, which was used as the official theme for NBC's coverage of the games.

In this case, "Sueña" was brought in by Telemundo, which is part of NBC and is the official network for Spanish coverage of the games. The network had been looking for a theme song when Estefan brought them "Sueña" for consideration. It was quickly approved and Canela, one of the network's best-known actors and also a successful singer, was asked to record. An English version, titled "Dreams," was also recorded for use in NBC's coverage. Both versions were finished in a week's time.

"The lyrics were very inspiring," says Estefan. "We live at a time when Latins in particular are full of dreams, and the Olympics -- like life -- are a place where you have a single shot at showing the world what you can do."

"Sueña" will be available for sale on iTunes July 31.