In a generation obsessed with antidepressants and Instagram filters, it’s easy to see the allure of garbage-pop (their words!) duo K.I.D., comprised of Kara Lane and Bobby Lo. With lyrical themes of sexual frustration, depression and alienation, their charming-yet-gloomy brand of oversharing is instantly relatable -- and a necessary breath of fresh air. Take for instance their new track, “I Miss My Friends,” premiering today exclusively on Billboard. The song, arguably their darkest to date, deals with the loss of friends.

“The reality is that I’ve lost several people to suicide and addiction and this song is really for them,” Lo explained to Billboard. "Usually when I write it’s a pretty self-indulgent process and I’m just focused on my feelings. But while writing this song, I had an overwhelming sense of concern for these people I love who are battling cunning and powerful addictions.”

Lo is the genius behind most of K.I.D.’s dark, self-deprecating lyricism. He shared that “I Miss My Friends” came to him in three minutes.

“This one was kind of like a purge -- it just sort of fell out. It’s the kind of songwriting I like to do: very personal, in the bedroom, crying into a notebook, not in a studio with three producers and someone has a rhyming dictionary out.”

While Lo is excited for the world to hear K.I.D.’s full-length, titled Tired All The Time (due this spring), he laments that it may be the band’s last project.

“To be honest, Kara and I have been committed to this K.I.D. project for a long time,” he shared. “It’s something we wanted to take from the garage to arenas. But I’m kind of unsure the world gets the project and the irony of it. I don’t know if we happened at the right time, to be honest. I’m not sure we’ll continue past the album coming out.”

It’s not all bad news though: Lo is hard at work on a movie-musical about rehab produced by Tyler Oakley.

“It happened pretty fast. I’ve finished all the music for it, they’re just waiting for me to finish the script, which is new to me. I’ve done screenwriting in the past, but I really don’t want to fuck this up because it’s precious to me.”

Check out “I Miss My Friends” below.