John Legend will gain colorful wings and fly as the voice of Baobab Studio's Crow: The Legend, an short animated VR film set to release on Nov. 15.

"Not only did I voice Crow," the singer wrote in a tweet. "I executive produced and wrote original music for the short. I had a blast recording 'When You Can Fly' and I hope you enjoy it. You can hear it both on YouTube and also in VR on Nov 15th!"

Written and directed by Eric Darnell, who also spearheaded the Madagascar franchise, the 22-minute film is inspired by an original Native American legend of "Crow and Fire," where the colorful crow has to make a significant sacrifice for his community when the forest faces its first ever winter. After the crow overcomes his ego, he embarks on an adventure to find a divine being named "The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking," who can bring summer back to the forest.

The film will also feature characters voiced by Oprah Winfrey (The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking), Constance Wu, Diego Luna, Sarah Eagle Heart, who is the ceo of Native Americans in Philanthropy, and more. Eagle Heart does not only voice a character in the short, but has also been a major component in piecing together the most accurate representation of the famous Native American legend.

Check out the full trailer for Crow: The Legend below.