ITZY brings its self-love message to light in the K-pop girl group's latest "Wannabe" music video released today (March 9). It's the first track off their second mini-album IT'z Me, which also came out today at 6 p.m. KST.

Produced by Galactika (who also helmed their debut track "Dalla Dalla"), "Wannabe" incorporates similar dance, house and hip-hop elements to create a confident beat for the girls to get down to.

The "I wanna be me, me, me" refrain encapsulates their self-love creed they preach to their Midzy fans. "I think the message of loving yourself is really empowering and so many fans relate to that, and I think our performances are a key component to that," Yuna told Billboard in an interview last month.

And their music video plays a key role in how each member of the K-pop quintet embraces their unique selves by the way Ryujin chops off her blue hair, Chaeryeong runs away from drones through endless rows of school uniforms, Yeji dances care-free in the club, Lia throws a solo food fight in a grand dining room and Yuna fashionably owns the runway barefoot.

Watch the "Wannabe" music video below.