K-pop girl group Red Velvet has shared the images of their Troll-ish counterparts from the upcoming Trolls World Tour movie, which they were previously announced to be appearing in.

Irene will appear as "Baby Bun," Seulgi as "Gomdori," Wendy as "Wani," Joy as "Ari," and Yeri as Kim-Petit. The five trolls each are featured in corresponding colors associated with each Red Velvet member, with Baby Bun donning Irene’s pink, Gomdori clad in Seulgi’s yellow, Wani in blue, Ari in green, and Kim-Petit wearing purple. 

Trolls World Tour will open in theaters worldwide in April. The movie features a celebrity-filled cast as the characters of the 2016 first Trolls film discover and fight for their world, encountering different genres of musical Trolls. Red Velvet will appear as the “K-pop Trolls.”