K-pop girl group TWICE are back with two brand-new Japanese songs on Tuesday (June 11).

“Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough” are a pair of mirror tracks, with the first meant to represent the brightness of a summer day and the latter meant to evoke the feelings of a cool summer night. Fittingly, “Happy Happy” is a bouncy dance track similar to many of TWICE’s past songs, with its euphoric choral repetition of the titular phrase and a clapping beat guiding much of the melody, while “Breakthrough” offers up a dramatic, brassier electro-pop sound that puts the nonet's silky smooth vocals front and center. The latter comes off like a sequel to the act’s most recent Korean single “Fancy,” which similarly shifted the focus to TWICE's maturing sonic style.

The music videos for the two songs vary just as immensely as their pop styles do but incorporate nods to one another, and each begins with the same split-colored set with different hues to emphasize the darker feel of "Breakthrough" versus the brighter tones of "Happy Happy. “Breakthrough” also features neon signs that declare the titles of both singles. Stylistically, in “Breakthrough” the group is seen dancing at night in sensual black outfits -- similar to ones seen in the music video for “Fancy” -- and imposing power suits, while in “Happy Happy” TWICE are seen playing around during summer days wearing colorful, sporty looks and backed by bright graphics.

“Happy Happy” is TWICE’s fourth Japanese single, and will be released digitally on June 17, while “Breakthrough” is their fifth and will be released on June 24. The release of the songs follow the group’s sold-out dome tour in Japan, and precede the upcoming Stateside leg of their 2019 TWICELIGHTS world tour.