Chris Martin has been in the music business for a long time, and knows that with every negative, comes a positive.

In a recent interview with about Coldplay's upcoming album, Everyday Life, the frontman talked about the wildly successful Head Full of Dreams worldwide tour and how it helped him find a new sense of self. 

“After we did the Super Bowl, we took so much s---, and then we went on the biggest tour we’ve ever been on,” he explained. “It made me realize, okay some people really like what we do and some people really don’t – and we love them equally. I’m just happy and grateful to be a human, I don’t mind if you don’t love what we do but we do love what we do.”

“Some fear left me at that point,” he continued on his previous struggles with rejection. “Just be the best thing you could possibly be and don’t worry about what anyone thinks because you cannot please everybody.”

That energy poured into the making of the upcoming record, which is due out on Nov. 22. “I think the decision we made was just to be totally raw, and pure, and what the songs are. So then, there’s not really any way of explaining or defending them, they just sort of, they are. And you’re into it or you’re not and it’s totally okay either way.”

Watch a snippet of the interview below.