Dan Smith of Bastille makes all the “Bad Decisions” he can in the band’s latest music video, released Wednesday (Sept. 25).

In the comedy-turned-horror clip, Smith poses as Dr. Dan Bastille, a revolutionary self-help author who wrote the book Bad Decisions to help “see yourself in others, enabling you to kill the fear of making any more bad decisions.” Gunshots blast through the different caricatures that Dr. Bastille presents during the infomercial, foreshadowing the murderous rampage the band’s frontman goes on throughout the video while playing different characters who exterminate each other.

First, Smith dresses as an angry waiter who’s fed up with a drunk customer and eventually kills him by slinging a plate at his head. Next, the Bastille leader poses as a bald man clad in white hazmat suit, who kills his previous waiter persona by elbowing him in the face.

But his Breaking Bad look-alike doesn’t last much longer when Smith, now dressed as an older gentleman in a wheelchair, socks him in the eye with his pick-up stick, with which he nabs a note that was constantly rotated by the characters. It reads “End the Groundhog,” an ode to the 1993 classic film Groundhog Day that engendered the nightmarish cyclical scheme that plays out in this video.

The similarly brutal, blood-gushing displays seem to be remedied by his final character, a tarot card reader who flips the cards to reveal each deceased member and the identical fate of Smith’s penultimate role. The tarot card reader smashes his magical orb into the old man’s skull, successfully ending the tally of Smith’s bad decisions before the infomercial comes back on TV.

Watch the disturbing music video below.