Christina Aguilera is spending quality time with her family amid the release of Disney's live-action remake of Mulan.

The 39-year-old pop star cozied up with her two kids -- Max, 12, and Summer, 6 -- on Friday (Sept. 4) to watch the premiere of the new Mulan on Disney+. The singer shared the experience with her fans by live-tweeting throughout the viewing.

"My kids know about #Mulan, but they haven’t seen the live action version yet," Aguilera wrote. "They’ve heard the music, they saw me recording it in the studio -- so it’s a beautiful thing to share that with my children now."

Released in 1998, the original animated version of Mulan featured Aguilera's breakout hit "Reflection," which shot the then-teenaged singer to stardom on the strength of her powerful pipes.

More than 20 years later, Aguilera re-recorded the inspirational ballad for Disney's (non-musical) 2020 iteration of Mulan. The long-awaited film's soundtrack also features her original song "Loyal Brave True."

While live-tweeting on Friday, Aguilera responded to a fan asking which version of "Reflection" she likes better.

"I am partial to the new version of Reflection for sure," the singer wrote. "Although I look back and smile at the version I did as a teen...I can hear the youth of a girl who doesn’t fully know herself or the power of her instrument yet. I’ve gotten to know myself better over the past 20 years..."

Mulan hit Disney+ on Friday after being postponed multiple times from premiering in theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out more of Aguilera's tweets below.

Christina Aguilera Releases 'Loyal Brave True' From New 'Mulan' Soundtrack | Billboard News